Friday, December 15, 2006

Women Not Funny? Now, That's Funny!

Christopher Hitchens needs to get out more. He's turning into a pompous old fart. He doesn't think women are funny - can you imagine? hasn't he ever watched Judge Judy? - and he invokes pop evolutionary psychology to defend his point.

Hoo-boy, the next batch of self-help books (Men are from Mars, Women are from Penis, uh, Venus) are going to be something else (Men are Happyloids, Women are Dippyloids)!

Kristine launches her silly salvo.

I love to make people laugh. (And to inspire "sudden art." I am, after all, the Amused Muse.)


llewelly said...

One is tempted to ask: "Does humor attract when they are laughing at you, Mr. Hitchens?"
I'm not attracted, but I do laugh. I'm usually laughing at what a preposterously delusional jerk he is. (He does have a fine talent for invective - but even when I agreed with his choice of targets (rather frequently back in the 1990s), I felt his views were founded in misperception. ) Finally - he's always struck me as misogynist and classist.

Kristine said...

Yeah, llewelly. Hitchens brings to mind the question: "Are you laughing with us, or at yourself?" My concern is that while evolutionary psychology can yield some insights, a lot of it seems to be mere justification for any number of dotty ideas.

I don't know about misogyny but Hitchens is definitely a snob. His "I'm with the troops" posture on Iraq was incongruous and forced.